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Cargo Cleaning

for Destinations with Quarantine Restrictions such as Australia, The USA and Canada

Cleaning is performed at a dedicated hard surfaced site in Durban. The site provides for free circulation goods as well as goods in transit that require a bonded facility for staging and cleaning. Facilities are available to accommodate static and mobile equipment.

The team at Vuka Cargo Services have been trained to clean mining, civil and Industrial machinery destined for Australia. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources in Australia (DAWR) demand an exceedingly high, almost unattainable level of cleanliness on used machinery entering their country. Presenting a clean machine to a departing ship from South Africa is imperative to an Australian importer. Not achieving the standard set by DAWR can result in a buyer in Australian spending thousands of dollars for additional cleaning. Having Vuka Cargo Services clean your machinery prior to shipping will ensure the shortest and therefore cheapest stay at an Australian wash pad. Consistently achieving short periods of exploratory cleaning in Australia sets Vuka Cargo Services apart from other cleaning companies.

Other countries require used machinery to be reasonably clean and presentable which Vuka Cargo Services are more than capable of achieving.

Cargo Supervision

Time is a valuable resource that is not always available to be used on inspecting cargo or overseeing the handling of cargo. Employing a marine surveyor, while professional and re-assuring, is often a luxury one does not have budget for. Vuka Cargo Services can provide boots on the ground to oversee cargo handling when you can’t. A detailed report and pictures are provided for each operation. Live supervision is also available where pictures are sent as and when a movement takes place, putting you at the job site without physically being there.

Vuka Cargo Services will employ their experience to guide forklift drivers, crane operators and truck drivers while handling your cargo. An extra set off eyes is often the difference between safe delivery of cargo and an insurance claim.

Types of supervision offered:

  • Loading and discharging project cargoes from Break Bulk Vessel’s
  • Mafi trailer loading/striping
  • Container loading/unpacking
  • Truck loading/offloading at Durban port and surrounding Warehouses

Heat Shrink Wrapping

Nothing quite compares to the finish heat shrink wrapping achieves. Not only aesthetically pleasing, but also protective and securing. Vuka Cargo Services can intercept your valued cargo anywhere to apply shrink wrapping for that final touch before loading on board a vessel or delivery to your customer. We use the highest quality shrink wrapping to ensure the cargo arrives at its destination looking just as sharp as ever.

If ever you need an item shrink wrapped in Durban, look no further than Vuka Cargo Services.

Tuck and Remove Protrusions from cargo

to Minimise Chargeable Freight Dimensions

Conventional and Ro-Ro shipping can be full of surprises. One of the worst being a higher freight bill than expected. Without having the opportunity to check and measure yourself, you cannot be sure the cargo is the size you were told it would be. An attachment that hasn’t been folded away or removed can often be the culprit for the higher chargeable dimensions. Vuka Cargo Services will attend to your cargo and perform those “nip and tuck” procedures that can save you a lot of money in freight costs.

With the customer’s approval, we can perform the more invasive trimming performed often applied to used earth moving machinery. This includes cutting off platforms on a rigid dump truck, removing the ROPS from a wheel loader or cutting a radiator out of its damaged frame when moving as a static piece.

Cargo Packaging Repairs

Packaging Cargo is a non-negotiable necessity. Without it, goods would not reach their destination fully intact and acceptable to a customer. Damaged packaging is inherent to the nature of handling cargo. This means that repairing cargo while in transit is inevitable. Not attending to damaged packing can compromise an insurance claim should the goods within become damaged.

Vuka cargo Services can repair, modify, or repackage your goods to ensure they continue their journey and arrive safely.

Mechanical Support to Mobile Equipment

What to do when you are many miles away from your machinery, even in another country and you receive a call informing you that the unit will not start or has run out of diesel during loading? Vuka Cargo Services is available 24/7 to attend to these nuisance faults. Even if the problem is more serious, say a burst hydraulic pipe or severed wiring, we can handle those too